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2012.09.18 to 2012.09.21

EC-TEL 2012

Nuggets, Pills and Flashcards: Short and Sweet, But How Suitable For What Learning? - MicroContent-based approaches in Technology Enhanced Learning (MC-TEL)


Objectives of the tutorial:

The tutorial is designed as a comparative exercise bringing together researchers and practitioners to jointly reconsider challenges and questions of suitability of TEL micro-content applications to learning objectives. The focus will be put on the objectives, the learning strategies, the learning contexts and targeted user groups for micro-content-based learning.
Given the rise in TEL-solution that use micro-content - especially in mobile learning - the tutorial will work towards a common understanding of the characteristics and implications for TEL and invite future collaboration and joint investigation of the basic concept of learning in small steps/units with the aim of create a network of researchers and practitioners regarding current practices and strategies in micro-content based TEL.




  • Tutorial participants are invited to send in a short experience report (no longer than two A4 pages). The report should be set around the notion of Micro-content in TEL and address e.g. one of the following the topics:
  • Applications of micro-content based TEL
  • Developing learning contents and concepts for individuals and organizations
  • Learner acceptance and motivation
  • Learning strategies and pedagogical approaches
  • Personalization of learning applications and environments
  • Learning Efficiency and Evaluation methods
  • Learning in social media environments
  • Collaborative learning and Context-sensitive learning
  • Informal and work-based learning



Submissions should be mailed to florian.foerster [at] until 15th of July 2012. Please download the template for your contribution at

All selected contributions will be made available through this website. Participants that submit an experience report are given priority when the participants are selected.

Tutorial participants are required to register via EC-TEL'12 Website:




  • Prof. DDr. Peter A. Bruck (Research Studios Austria FG)
  • Florian Förster (Research Studios Austria FG)
  • Gregor Cholewa (KnowledgeFox GmbH)
  • Dr. Michael Alexander (KnowledgeFox GmbH)

Program CommitteeProgram Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Ilona Buchem, Beuth University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Luvai Motiwalla, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Baumgartner, Danube University Krems (to be confirmed)
  • Erich Herber, Danube University Krems



Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0