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Edumotion offers new mobile learning opportunities

In museums, iPod and iPad apps have already widely replaced the classic audio guides. The international research project Edumotion, successfully concluded in June, demonstrates how mobile, location-based services can be used in teaching/learning scenarios.

Edumotion ( combines vivid and exploratory learning in the real-life environment with a high level of interactivity and a community aspect: learners carry out brief actions and tasks at certain points of interest. They can also share their experience with other learners that have visited the same point of interest.

Furthermore, KnowledgeFox project manager Gregor Cholewa is convinced “That learning communities interact with each other in location-based fashion is relevant not only in the context of museums and education. Personally, I’m interested in exchanging experiences with climbers who have climbed a certain spot.” The Edumotion app makes it easy to highlight new “spots” and document specific tasks or issues.

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