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Research & Development


Each of us faces an ever-growing flood of information that we are hardly able to cope with. Time resources are dwindling while the need to learn new information is increasing. This can only be accomplished if learning technologies help us by being easy to use. Learning content needs to be triple easy: easy to learn, easy to create, easy to administer.


There is much we need to know. And we need to recall it at will. The only way to learn a lot in a short timeframe is by learning in small steps. This is both the approach and objective of our MicroLearning strategy. The enormous benefit of the MicroLearning approach is that large bodies of knowledge are split into small learning units and presented in the form of learning cards that can be called up and answered quickly. They can also be repeated in accordance with your individual memory span. In this way, MicroLearning ensures sustainable knowledge building. It works great on any PC, but also on tablets, and is particularly well suited to Smartphones.

OUR CENTERPIECE: KnowledgePulse®

We have developed a complete learning system based on the MicroLearning approach. KnowledgePulse® implements what we have been exploring into technology. It is the core of the research and development work conducted at Research Studio MINE (MicroLearning & Information Environments). We are developing KnowledgePulse® on an on-going basis and continuously evaluating its success. KnowledgePulse® is designed as a Web-based client-server system that can be used in a platform-independent manner on all Internet-enabled devices. MicroLearning with KnowledgePulse® is easy, fun and provably effective.


We are researching and developing innovative solutions for easy, efficient and sustainable knowledge building. We collaborate with the universities of Linz and Innsbruck as well as universities of applied sciences such as FH Hagenberg. We award diploma theses, offer internships and create new research jobs. Our approach is original and clearly positioned. This creates space for new creative solutions. We know that each and every one of us must keep learning and acquiring knowledge. We want to make this even easier, more efficient and more effective for new generations of learners. We have many customers: Austrian companies and ministries, foreign governments and international corporations, education providers and professional academies. All have decided to fight forgetfulness in their organizations with the help of KnowledgePulse®. Our MINE team supports them in sustainable knowledge building.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0