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Research with success in the market

Research Studio MINE has conducted pioneering research and development in area of MicroLearning.

It has created with KnowledgeFox a highly successful spin-off company with international customers such as SAMSUNG, Credit Suisse, government agencies in Bahrain and UAE or the Mexican Conference of Universities ANUIES. They use the MicroLearning pedagogy and technology to train employees, educate citizens or provide the knowledge base for students. KnowledgeFox involves people in an innovative way in knowledge acquisition and production and motivates to keep continuously updated.
RSA FG has successfully divested its stake in KnowledgeFox to The Bonnier Group of Sweden and KnowledgeFox is now a cornerstone in the digital diversification of  Bonnier Business Press AB with joint research focusing now on the new area of social MicroLearning.

Easy learning in small steps

KnowledgeFox enables easy learning in small steps – on mobiles, on tablets, on desktops, anywhere. The results: A measurable improvement in learning performance, knowledge output and employee motivation. In percent: The ability to recall learning content amounts to 85 to 90 per cent, even three months after the MicroLearning session.

Return on investments for employees and employers

KnowledgeFox creates a win-win situation for employees and businesses. The measurable and long-term improvements effectively pay off for your company. Knowledge building within the company is secured in the long term. This constitutes a measurable return on investments.

Impact-oriented learning: MicroLearning didactics

KnowledgeFox uses multimedia knowledge cards and a special learning algorithm that allows memorization of learning content, sustainability of acquired knowledge and effective learning.

Push system

KnowledgeFox is a push system that assists learners in integrating learning into their daily work routines in a way that is tailored to their individual learning habits. Interruptions at work are used sensibly: Knowledge cards are displayed automatically and are can be answered in a short time frame.

Learning administration made easy

KnowledgeFox monitors the learning processes of the user and provides real-time reports on current development progress with special parameters to administrators.

Content creation made easy

Learning content is easy to create – directly online via the KnowledgeFox administration Interface. Our research department currently is working on semi-automated content generation.

Gamification with KnowledgeMatch

KnowledgeFox features the KnowledgeMatch mode next to the classical learning mode: A player can choose an opponent via e-Mail, Facebook or other media and play with him three rounds and against time. In the corporate context, many studies prove that gamification elements have a positive effect on motivation. 

KnowledgeFox website

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0