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MikroLernen stärkt Informatikunterricht am Handy, Smartphone, Tablet und PC

Zwei Salzburger Lehrer haben den Sommer durchgearbeitet um neue Didaktik umzusetzen

Salzburg (OTS) - Rechtzeitig zu Schulanfang sind sie fertig geworden. Die Diplompädagogen Christian Klotz und sein Bruder Alois Klotz haben die wichtigsten Inhalte des Informatikunterrichts für die Sekundarstufe in eine gänzlich neue Form und Technologie gebracht.

New Study Program “Mobile and Work Integrated MicroLearning”

The new study program “Mobile and Work Integrated MicroLearning” at Danube University Krems (Austria), which will start its course on 9th of December 2014, aims to professionalize its participants for this new educational challenge. Graduates will be able to develop, implement and supervise technology based learning environments in organisations and turn them into sustainable learning organisations.

Free Webinar with Peter Baumgartner: MicroLearning: with MICRO steps to sustainable LEARNING success

Increasing expectations at the workplace and the growing demand for new knowledge are defining characteristics of 21st century society. The need for employee training in all professional sectors and industries is on the rise while timely resources for educational in-house programs are becoming more limited.


Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0